Why paint your home?

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Exterior Painting of Your Home

When the warmer, drier days arrive in the Seattle area, homeowners find themselves considering the maintenance of the exterior of their homes. March – October is the time to brighten up that old color and ensure your home is protected from the wet winter weather of Seattle.

  1. Color schemes are always progressing and changing with the cultural influences which mold them. An up-dated color scheme can make an older home look new and revitalized.
  2. Considering selling your home? The most cost effective improvement possible is fresh paint. Recognized by investors and realtors alike as the greatest return on your investment, a sharp new color scheme can sell a home faster and for more money.
  3. The biggest reason to paint your home is for your peace of mind and enjoyment. As my C.P.A. would remind me every year, “Your house is first a home for your family and only second is it an investment.” With the right color scheme which is personalized for you and your family, you will have more pride in the home and enjoy living there longer. Color can create a positive energy for those who live in the home.
  4. Finally, and maybe most importantly, we paint our homes in the Pacific Northwest for protection. In the wet and damp climate of Seattle, a quality paint application will provide you with the protection which is needed against the driving wind and rain that Seattle is known for.

We would love to assist you in designing a protective coating system for your home!

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