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| Dean on Painting

What I believe about the painting business: Service is everything. This is what separates Ridings from everyone else. It is the aim of Ridings to make the total experience a “world-class service experience.” Always choose the best, most suitable product for long-term adhesion on each surface. Quality preparation equals long-term coating adhesion. We sell complete jobs; we do not sell coats (with very few exceptions). A high quality coating proposal does not have to be the most expensive, but rarely is it the least expensive. An average quality paint job should last ten or more years, and we take the right steps to make every effort to avoid any painting problems for our customers. The right colors are paramount; this is what the customer will see every day. Paint each project with the long-term future in mind.


All business dealings ought to be based on a “win-win” relationship. Working together ought to be fun, both with team members and clients. We choose to work with people we find synergy with; we look for a positive “connection.” Expect us to do extra; we do not nickel and dime our customers by charging for the little extras. Excellent service and quality craftsmanship will be rewarded with an abundance of satisfied clients, high demand for our services, and solid, consistent profitability.


As painting professionals, we understand that it is not enough to merely build our own business successfully, but to also contribute to building the painting industry as a whole into a more professional trade. We guarantee our work; we produce results that last long-term, and we are proud to stand behind them.


Finally, I fully realize that I work for my clients and their satisfaction is our goal every day; however even beyond that, I must answer to God as my highest authority in my life. It is ultimately God’s satisfaction that I work for, knowing that if I work to please my God that my clients will be more than pleased in the process. [Colossians 3:23]

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