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Dean Ridings

Since 1985, Dean Ridings has built an affluent client list of Who’s Who in the greater Seattle area. Building his service volume into excess of two million dollars a year through his “world-class service system,” Ridings has continued to prosper through the ups and downs of the economy. Through focused marketing efforts year after year, along with community branding & awareness, Dean has built a high demand for his services. He has been very involved in the PDCA and is the former president of the Seattle/King County Chapter. He is a trained Color Consultant who offers fee based color advice for his clients. Finally, as a licensed general contractor, he offers his clients handyman services, custom cabinet building & light remodeling under the Carpentry Division of Ridings, Inc.

  • Reputation – We care about our customers. We are building a business that is going to be around for generations.
  • Employees – Our employees are full-time professional painters and craftsmen.
  • Service – We offer courteous, reliable, quality work.
  • Guarantee – We stand behind our work with a two-year guarantee.
  • References – We satisfy our customers! We will be glad to provide a list of our happy customers.
  • Quality – Ask anyone who has used us about the quality products and workmanship we provide.
  • Insurance – We are fully insured. This includes for your protection, up to $2,000,000.00 liability. Workmen’s Compensation is paid for all employees as required by law.
  • Colors – Customers get the color they want! We will be glad to provide samples and customize a color for you.
  • Knowledge – We are members of the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America. We have received residential certification, which only a few painting contractors across the country have received.
  • Value – You get what you pay for.

For the past twenty five years, Ridings Custom Painting Inc. has quietly, yet persistently established themselves as true professionals within the paint and decoration industry. In an industry where mediocre quality and broken promises are commonplace, Ridings has separated themselves from many there with their passion for painting!


“We have passion for doing a job in which we can inject pride of craftsmanship with long lasting quality.” With nearly two centuries of joint experience Ridings can solve your toughest problem projects. With a client list that now reads like “Who’s Who” in the greater Seattle area, there isn’t much they haven’t seen and addressed before.

What I believe about the painting business: Service is everything. This is what separates Ridings from everyone else. It is the aim of Ridings to make the total experience a “world-class service experience.” Always choose the best, most suitable product for long-term adhesion on each surface. Quality preparation equals long-term coating adhesion. We sell complete jobs; we do not sell coats (with very few exceptions). A high quality coating proposal does not have to be the most expensive, but rarely is it the least expensive. An average quality paint job should last ten or more years, and we take the right steps to make every effort to avoid any painting problems for our customers. The right colors are paramount; this is what the customer will see every day. Paint each project with the long-term future in mind.


All business dealings ought to be based on a “win-win” relationship. Working together ought to be fun, both with team members and clients. We choose to work with people we find synergy with; we look for a positive “connection.” Expect us to do extra; we do not nickel and dime our customers by charging for the little extras. Excellent service and quality craftsmanship will be rewarded with an abundance of satisfied clients, high demand for our services, and solid, consistent profitability.


As painting professionals, we understand that it is not enough to merely build our own business successfully, but to also contribute to building the painting industry as a whole into a more professional trade. We guarantee our work; we produce results that last long-term, and we are proud to stand behind them.

The mission of Ridings Custom Painting is to make a difference!

1. We offer our clients value through unsurpassed quality and world-class service.

2. We provide all team members opportunity, improvement and respect.

3. We contribute to our industry through service, education and leadership.

“Our company mission is to make a difference,” says Dean Ridings, founder and owner of Ridings Custom Painting since 1985. “We make a difference in three ways. First, we give our clients outstanding quality in the context of a world-class service experience. Second, we provide our employees opportunity for leadership growth, maturity, and education to allow them to better provide and supply for their families. And finally, we aspire to make a difference in the painting industry as a whole through education and training other companies to be more professionally run.” Ridings is often asked to speak both locally and nationally on industry related issues such as marketing, trends, and quality control systems.


The services offered through Ridings extend far beyond your typical house painting project. Specialty finishes offered include and acceleration process to make a surface look 100 years old when it is brand new, utilizing acid and chemicals to provide a unique metal finish or patina. Faux painting and restoration solutions are provided by one of the company’s senior field technicians (painters) who have been trained in the various art and application of that finish. In addition, Ridings offers fee-based color consulting.


To ensure his customers’ continued satisfaction with their services, Ridings offers extended warranty programs for discriminating home owners who desire to have their residential investments remain in top notch condition year after year. Providing yearly touch up and maintenance allows a completed project to look just as wonderful 10 years after completion, as it did on the day it was finished.


For more information on this valuable source, call Ridings Custom Painting at (425) 455-4446 or (206) 232-6633, or send an e-mail to info@ridingscustompainting.com for a consultation appointment.

Ridings at Work

From Dean:

After years of working with great people in our community, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for your business.  We look forward to hearing from you in the near future!  I want to share some of my experiences with you.

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From our clients:

I’ve been totally impressed by two major traits: the professional quality of your painters and their respect for my home.


— Roy —

I would recommend Ridings without hesitation to any considering a painting project.


— Gregory —

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Ridings has spent several years interacting personally with a number of different local and national professional associations. By being connected to these associations, we are currently staying up to date on all the newest industry standards and technologies so that we can provide “quality…promised and delivered” to better service our customers.

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